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Auto Accidents

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Vehicle Repairs, Car Rental, Commercial Vehicles, Product Liability Cases

FREE initial consultation for cases involving personal injury.


If you have recently been involved in an auto accident, feel free to call us to discuss your rights and how we may be able to help you get the maximum recovery for your injuries.  

Injury in a car accident. Personal Injury case. Edinburg, McAllen, Law Office of Robert Fernandez, Attorney
Auto Accidents and Personal Injury Lawyer Fighting for you, Robert Fernandez, P.C.

Legal representation addresses the following aspects of an auto case:


  • Statements made to insurance adjusters and the police 

  • Medical treatment options

  • Medical liens/bills

  • Car rental options

  • Vehicle repair issues

  • Tow and storage issues

  • Decision to file a lawsuit


Criminal Defense

Felony and Misdemeanor 

DWI and Traffic Offenses, Violent Crimes, Weapons Violations, Drug Offenses, Sex Crimes, Theft Offenses 

Criminal Defense Attorney in Hidalgo County will fight for you, Law Office of Robert Fernandez
A lawyer is your first line of DEFENSE against a misdemeanor or felony conviction. At the Law Office of Robert Fernandez, P.C., we represent individuals charged with all types of criminal charges including both misdemeanors and felonies. Contrary to popular belief, misdemeanor convictions have SEVERE long-term consequences. 
Warning, you only have fifteen days from the date of your arrest to contest your conviction. Attorney, Robert Fernandez, P.C.

At the Law Office of Robert Fernandez, P.C., we represent individuals charged with all types of criminal charges. 


  • Violent Crimes including assault, battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, arson, murder and manslaughter.

  • DWI and Traffic Offenses including first time and multiple offense DWI, speeding reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and all moving violations.

  • Weapons Violations including felon in possession of a firearm or handgun, illegal possession and sale of firearms and possession of a weapon in connection with another offense.

  • Drug Offenses including drug possession, possession with intent, drug trafficking, drug cultivation drug manufacturing and crimes involving prescription drugs.

  • Sex Crimes including sexual assault (rape) and date rape.

  • Theft Offenses including robbery, burglary, shoplifting, theft of services, auto theft, fraud, forgery, extortion, credit card abuse and money laundering.




No attorney's fees charged unless we win.


Court costs, litigation expenses, and medical bills are paid from client's share of the recovery. If there is no recovery, client will not be responsible for any court costs or litigation expenses, except for unpaid medical bills.

Injury in the workplace and slip and fall claims attorney, Hidalgo County, Robert Fernandez, P.C.
Injury Report, Edinburg Lawyer, Robert Fernandez, P.C.
Slip and Fall Claims
Insurance Claims



Insurance Claims, Lawyer, Robert Fernandez, P.C.
  • HOMEOWNER'S policy claims

  • INSURANCE policy claims (underpaid or denied)

  • AUTOMOBILE insurance claims

  • DISABILITY insurance claims (denial of benefits)



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